Datos científicos
Biocidal Efficacy of Chlorine Dioxide Halox Technologies INC. View
CDG = CDS specs  CDG Environmental LLC. View
CDS (Solucion de Chlorine dioxide) Uses proven   -  View
ClO2  Government Investigation  EPA Guidance Manual Alter View
Chlorine dioxide nontoxic for veterinary use  The European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products View
Healing of ulcer wounds  Cheryl M. Bongiovanni, Michael D. Hughes and Robert W. Bomengen View
Chlorine dioxide Mechanisms of Inact  American Chemical Society. View
Chlorine Dioxide human clinical evaluation  Judith R. Lubbers, Sudha Chauan, and Joseph R. Bianchine View
Chlorine dioxide inactiva Rotavirus  Y S Chen and J M Vaughn View
Chlorine dioxide tanks for aseptic juice Stock  Food Microbiology View
Document that ClO2 cure bird flu  Norio Ogata and Takashi Shibata View
FDA Approves the CDS-CDG for Food Use  Technology Sciences Group, Inc. View
OVERVIEW of ClO2, DR.Howard Alliger  ver en documento View
Role of Oxidants in Microbial Pathophysiology  CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY REVIEWS View
Toxicological Effects of clo2  Daniel Couri, Mohamed S. Abdel-Rahmant and Richard J. Bull View
Treatment of oral Candida (English) Dentistry Today , Michael Z. Marder, DDS, and Robert W. Marder, DMD View
A doctoral thesis on Chlorine dioxide in water potableDif  ver en documento View
Water purification with Chlorine dioxide por W. Roeske, C. Müller y Günzburg View
Chlorine dioxide ver en documento View
Chlorine dioxide water purification Universidad de Michigan View

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Scientific data

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